Hey, my name is Opal

I currently work at AngelList NYC, where I help run operations for their nascent recruiting platform, A-List. Prior to that, I was at Google X's former moonshot, Flux, where I led the recruiting efforts as their first internal recruiting hire. I'm a relatively recent grad from Berkeley, where I studied Computer Science.

At Cal, I was particuarly interested in user interface design and computer security. During my last year, I contributed to the Outreach and Web Development teams at PeerLibrary, an open source project that provides a collaborative layer of knowledge on top of academic publications. Check out some of my other technical collaborative projects here and here.

I grew up in New Jersey and spend my free time exploring dance. I'm an avid salsa dancer and train seriously in pole dance. I am also a Berkeley Student Cooperative Alumni member and my home away from home will forever be Casa Zimbabwe.

To contact me, shoot me an email at opal.kale@gmail.com. Here are my Github, LinkedIn, AngelList, and Stack Overflow accounts. And listen to me ramble on Twitter too.

This site is written in Python / Flask and hosted on Heroku. The full source is hosted here.